Silencing the Silence


In the realm of love where harmony should reside,
There lies a challenge, deep and hard to hide.
For within the confines of this relationship’s space,
Lies a struggle, a hurdle, a silent embrace.

Words left unspoken, like whispers in the wind,
A distance growing, as communication thinned.
A partner who withholds, using silence as a sword,
Punishment cast upon feelings that once soared.

The silent treatment, a weapon they choose,
Leaving wounds unseen, inflicted by their ruse.
Every unanswered question, a stab in the heart,
Tearing apart trust, tearing love apart.

In the midst of silence, doubts start to breed,
Like seeds taking root, they grow like a weed.
Words unspoken, like walls that divide,
Leaving both hearts trapped, unable to confide.

The power of communication, now fading away,
Replaced by an oppressive silence that holds sway.
Every attempt to reach out met with a wall,
Leaving one feeling as if destined to fall.

Yet, amidst this struggle, remember your worth,
Your voice is important, your feelings have birth.
Seek to understand, the reasons behind their retreat,
For often, their silence masks a pain, bittersweet.

But also remember, you deserve more than this,
A relationship built on trust, not abyss.
Communication’s key, to bridge the divide,
To help heal the wounds, to let love be your guide.

Speak softly, with love, with empathy in your tone,
Break down the walls that silence has sown.
Together, find solace, in dialogue and grace,
Navigate the difficulties, with love’s gentle embrace.

For love should be a place of solace and light,
Where words dance freely, bringing joy and delight.
No silent treatment should cast a shadow so long,
Find strength to heal, to forgive, to be strong.

In unity, may you find the melodies of connection,
Silencing the silence, with love’s resurrection.
And may your relationship bloom, stronger than before,
A testament to the power of openness and more.


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