Protect Your Spirit!


Always protect yourself from persons or things that can harm your spirit. May God give you the wisdom you need to stop keeping bad company, if that applies to you. Bad company can be a person that is negative all the time or always have drama in their life.

Les Brown said it best, “There are people who ADD to you, SUBTRACT from you, MULTIPLY you, or DIVIDE you.” Choose persons that ADD to you and/or MULTIPLY you. You may need to do some pruning in order to further develop and grow. It’s okay to do some self evaluations and cut off some: people, behaviors, habits, practices, situations, opportunities, groups/organizations, etc.

Never feel guilty for trying to preserve your peace. Learn how to the manage the people in your life. Please know that it’s okay to outgrow your friends so you don’t become a misfit.

Not everyone deserves access to you, PROTECT YOUR SPIRIT from contamination.


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