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When A Man Prays for His Beloved

Prayer aligns our life with God’s and creates a dependency on Him for our daily needs, our security, and our direction for life. Prayer can have a powerful impact on your relationship and helps to make your relationship God-centered. 

Men, praying for your beloved is one of the best ways you can strengthen your faith and your relationship. This should start from when your in the courtship stage and you desire to make her your wife (help mate, confidant, lover, and best friend).

When a man prays for his beloved he is pouring himself into her complete physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It’s important to remember that even though we have a natural physical body, we are spiritual beings longing for spiritual experiences. One of the great gifts which faith should give to a Christian relationship is prayer. Men, your beloved needs wisdom from God about how to live her daily life. She needs protection from the things the world bombards her heart and mind with that keep her from following God.

Some things that men can pray for their beloved:

Thank God for her.

Intercede on her behalf.

Pray God’s protection and blessing over her.

Ask God to reveal himself to her.

As you offer prayers for her, ask God to change your heart, too, and make you more like Him as you learn to love your beloved.

Ladies, until you have a man of God sincerely cover you in prayer, you may not understand how powerful and important this is. I know as for me I need to know that my significant other can be my spiritual leader, security and protection. My pray is for a Godly husband, a man who would be a spiritual leader for me and our family.

The first time that I experienced a man of God (other than my former Pastor and my brother) cover me in prayer, I literally wept silently as he prayed. It felt good knowing that he was petitioning God on my behalf and had no ulterior motives in doing so. Words cannot really describe what I felt. In his prayer he repeated things that I’ve prayed to God about in my secret place. It was the most intimate moment I’ve had with another person and God at the same time. After that moment, it was something that to this day I keep longing for, to be covered in prayer by a mighty man of valor.

“THE MOST INTIMATE SPIRTUAL EXPEREICENE I EVER HAD… He Littterally presented my heart Before God. We entered into the Holy of Holy Places through the Power of Prayer. I never knew that this realm even existed… selah!”

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