1. What are you most excited about these days?

The next chapter of my life. Thankful for the 4 decades under my belt thus far.

2. What’s your favorite holiday?

Christmas… look forward to spending time with my family and the great food.

3. Favorite season?

Fall and Winter in the Caribbean… true island girl!

4. Where does one go on a perfect road trip?

I would imagine across country, state to state.

5. What is the best activity when home on a rainy day?

Sleeping or cuddled under the sheets watching a movie.

6. If you could switch lives with someone for a day who would it be?

Successful woman entrepreneur

7. What is the best thing that happened this year?

Signed my sales contract to have my new home built… 🙂

8. What’s your New Year’s resolution?

I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions

9. What’s your favorite exercise?

Walking… preferably next to ocean

10. Best way to decompress?

Going to one of my favorite look out spots overlooking the water

11. What’s your favorite country to visit?

Haven’t visited many places but so far Nevis

12. Last country you visited?


13. Country you wish to visit?

Israel, South Africa and Australia

14. What’s your favorite ice-cream?

Pistachio or Vanilla

15. What makes you smile the most?

My family

16. What’s the coolest thing in the world?

The Internet… it has made the world more accessible

17. What is the cutest thing in the world?


18. How do you know if you’re in love?

When I love someone unconditionally

19. If you could go to any concert past or present, what would it be?

Whitney concert

20. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?


21. Favorite fashion trend of all time?

Jean dresses and high buns… lol

22. What’s your favorite movie of all time?

Coming to America

23. What was the movie that made you cry?


24. If you could make a documentary, what would it be about?

Caribbean Life

25. If you could have one superpower what would it be?

Be invisible

26. What is the skill still unmastered?

Driving stick

27. What is the best thing that happened to you today?

I woke up

28. Do you like surprises?


29. If you could do a flash mob where would it be?

No clue

30. Do you like cupcakes?


31. Do you usually bake cupcakes?


32. What’s your favorite desert?

Cheesecake and vienna cake

33. Is there a desert you don’t like?

Chocolate ice cream

34. What’s your favorite bakery?

Dunkin Donuts…lol

35. What’s your favorite food?

Baby Back Ribs, Potato Stuffing and Bake Macaroni

36. It’s brunch, what do you eat?

Pancakes, Sausage & Eggs, Hot Cocoa

37. You are stuck on an island, you can pick one food to eat forever without getting tired of it, what would you eat?

Baby Back Ribs

38. Favorite color?

Don’t have one, when I was a child it used to be red.

39. Favorite superhero?


40. What do you usually order in Starbucks? (or in your favorite café)

Hot Chocolate. I’ve never drank coffee, don’t like the smell.

41. Who is the last person you texted?

My boyfriend and daughter

42. What’s your favorite activity to do in your hometown?

Go to the beach

43. What’s the next book you plan on reading?

Good questions, not sure yet.

44. What do you love in your pizza?

Everything… love supreme pizza

45. Favorite drink?

Strawberry lemonade or local fruit punch

46. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?


47. What’s your favorite brand?

Don’t have one, I just buy what I like.

48. Favorite solo artist?

Jessica Reedy

49. Favorite lyrics?

“I found a love, for me, darling just dive right in follow my lead….” – Ed Sheeran – Perfect

50. If your life was a song what would the title be?

“Full of Faith”

51. If you could master one instrument what would it be?


52. If you had a tattoo where would it be?

Small heart behind my ear

53. To be or not to be?


54. Dolphins or koalas?


55. How do you like your coffee?

Read #40 LOL

56. What’s your favorite curse word?

Stupid question

57. What color of dress did you wear to prom?


58. Diamonds or pearls?

Diamonds… preferably a princess cut one on white gold. hint, hint… LOL 😉

59. Cheap shampoo or expensive?


60. Blow dry or air dry?

Air dry first then blow dry

61. Heels or flats?

Flats… no brainer!

62. Pilates or yoga?


63. Jogging or swimming?


64. One thing you can’t live without?

Faith in God and my Family

65. What’s one cause that’s dear to your heart?

Cure for cancer

66. Who would you want to shoot a love scene with?

My man of course… Duh, LOL

67. What’s your favorite sport?


68. Do you have a morning beauty ritual?

Thank God for waking my family and I up and then I cover us in the blood of Jesus.

69. What’s your favorite thing to wear?

My heart necklace

70.What’s the priciest thing you’ve ever splurged on?

Car and House

71. Do you play any musical instruments?

No 🙁

72. What is your favorite book of all time?

The Bible (Can’t top that ever!)

73. What is something you always travel with?

Cell Phone and Money


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