“I Did This To Myself”


As I begin to write to this post, I can’t help but to reflect back on the reason I decided to start my blog website. My prayer is that others like yourself would be empowered to know & walk in your purpose in Christ Jesus.

To this day, my hearts desire is to use this medium to be as transparent as I can be to help others. Often times we feel like the challenges we face in life are unique to us and nobody else can relate. Sometimes it’s hard to feel like you can’t ask for restoration from God when you’ve made decisions that got you into trouble. It could be the guilt of divorce, losing a job, unruly kids, incarceration, dropping out of school, bad financial decisions, adultery, etc. The guilt of “I did this to myself” keeps us in bondage. What if I told you God doesn’t care how you got tied up he just wants to see you be free?

My struggle for a long time was living with the effects of my decision to be a single mother. Like most single mother’s, I didn’t wake up one day and said that I want to be a single parent. However, I did make the decision to give life to my now teenage daughter and for that I have no regrets. Being a single parent is hard enough in it’s self but the additional burden of guilt makes it even harder.

But, I am so glad that the God I serve doesn’t take into account how I got there. He just wants to set me free! Make me whole so I can fully express all that He has deposited in me for His Ultimate Glory and Praise!!

Whatever your “I Did This To Myself” is (we all have at least one), I am here to tell you…

“stop believing more in your pain than you do in your faith. Redirect your energy from shaming yourself to believing the best is still possible for you.”


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