Who is she you asked?

I’ve hated this woman. I’ve not loved her at full capacity. I’ve fed her lies & told her she wasn’t good enough. I’ve allowed others to tell her she wasn’t good enough. I’ve allowed her to be broken. I’ve allowed others to treat her disrespectfully.

I’ve allowed her to run through brick walls & battle for others who won’t even stand for her. I couldn’t stop individuals from abandoning her, yet I’ve seen her get up and stand to be a light to the world & love others despite all that. I have stood paralyzed by fear while she fought battles in her mind, heart and soul.

This woman has screwed up many times, as a girlfriend, a mother, a daughter, a sister & a friend because she doesn’t always say or do the “right things”. She has a smart mouth. She’s a bit stubborn. She has secrets. She has scars.

Some people love this woman, some like her, and some people don’t care for her at all. BUT she is unapologetically herself.

Every mistake, failure, trial, disappointment, success, joy, and achievement has made her the woman she is today.

This Woman is a WARRIOR and most important is child of the one true and only living God. She is made in the image of her creator! She’s UNSTOPPABLE. Gracefully broken but beautifully standing. She is loved and she gives love. She is life. She is transformation. She is Grace. She is BRAVE!

I can do all things through CHRIST Who Strengthens me. – Philippians 4:13


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