The two P’s that always pay off are Persistence and Perseverance. I recently watched a recent local Senate Hearing which was held to confirm a recent nominee who after the first hearing was unfortunately held in Committee. That meant that the individual had to return to the Senate to present themselves again as a viable candidate before getting a recommendation for forwarding to the full Senate body.

I could only imagine what went through the nominee’s mind after the hearing that she was held in Committee. I’m sure there were maybe thoughts of defeat and discouragement. However, the nominee returned with determination and steadfastness and presented herself again to the Committee.

What I loved about the nominee was that despite the fact that things didn’t go as planned the first time, she kept persisting and continued moving forward. Like her, we all will face obstacles and set backs in life. Challenges are a test and they test our commitment, risk taking skills, ability to overcome difficulties and confidence, to stretch our comfort zones and so on.

Just like the story of the tortoise and the hare. It’s not about getting to the finish line first, it’s about taking your time, being thorough, challenging yourself, setting goals and taking action every day to achieve your own success.

“Persist and persevere because in the end, it’s worth it!”


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