Stepping Into 40!


40 is around the corner!

That’s right… with only a few more weeks remaining, I am looking forward to stepping into the next decade of my life. When I was younger, 40 sounded really old. It’s kind of like déjà vu because I don’t feel as old as I am. I still have vivid memories of my childhood and being a kid. Seems like just yesterday I was at the park playing on the playground or learning to ride my first bike.

I’m sure many that are reading this can relate. In your teens, you’re figuring out what you’re going to become. In your 20s, you’re pursuing your passions and learning valuable life lessons. And by the time you’re in your 30s, you’re finally getting the hang of this whole adult thing. However, by the time 40 rolls around, many people find themselves suddenly terrified of what’s to come. 40 is undebatably adulthood! Now it seems like my memory is on vacation and I have to rely on an app to remind me of everything.

If you’re like me, as I got older, my social circle grew smaller and my priorities changed. As I am about to embark on the next chapter of my life, I can honestly say that I am looking forward to it. Maybe not so much the gray hairs that are starting to pop up though… lol. Besides that, I have noticed that my body has aged and my mind is still playing catch up. Yep, those ache and pains are starting to creep in and I feel like I need to oil my joins and back. You know that feeling you get when you bend down, there’s no guarantee you’ll get back up. I even noticed that I started using the terminology, “young people” to refer to people in my my daughter’s generation. What’s next, me being referred to as Ma’am?

The good news is that my core beliefs have not changed and feel like my faith in God has grown and continues too. Even though I’m not married, I still have the desire to be married. But my views on marriage have changed somewhat. I don’t believe that marriage is a necessity for everyone. Matter of fact, some people are best when they are single. Don’t get me wrong though, I still want to get married one day… but I am far from desperate to do so. Being single isn’t the end of the world, I’ve grown to downright enjoy my own company. Also, for me I still do not believe in shacking up before marriage. So the idea of dating and living with someone isn’t for me. If you want the milk you have to buy the cow or moooooo out of the way… lol. My radar for detecting when I’m being taken advantage of, or when the respect is anything but mutual, is operating at an all-time high. I can literally smell the crap from afar.

As I’ve aged, I can’t help but to notice that getting adequate sleep is a top priority for me. No more late nights binge watching my favorite shows or hanging out with friends after 11 pm. My bed literally calls for me. Also, I stopped taking my health for granted and I started listening to my body. Pain is a sign that your body gives to let you know that something is wrong. Also, I’m more aware of what I eat.

With age comes wisdom and now I could care less about having a luxury car or an expensive purse on my arm. I would rather have the driveway that leads to my house and the money safely stashed in my bank accounts for a vacation or a rainy day.

Others may now start calling me middle-aged, but I know there’s still plenty of time left for me to achieve all of those goals I’ve set for myself. I know my priorities: God, family, career (balance between work and life), and personal happiness. I am more aware of the importance of celebrating me and taking time out to smell the flowers. For I am more acutely aware that time on this Earth is precious and everyday is truly a gift.


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