What Would Life Be Like If We Knew Our Final Goodbyes?

There’s nothing as sure in this life as DEATH, yet it is one of the hardest things we struggle with.  Regardless of what you believe, we all share the inevitability of facing life as we knew it without someone here whom we love dearly.

When you live your life knowing that death is imminent, you begin to live it differently.  You say SORRY much quicker and you learn to FORGIVE others.

Most people don’t think about their own demise or the loss of a loved one until a sickness or something tragic happens.  Sadly however, most of the times you don’t get a chance to say your final goodbyes to your loved one’s.

Death isn’t something we should ever fear.  Our exit from this world comes in so many guises, and for most, it is not a conscious choosing.


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