You Can Judge the Depth of Someone’s Pain by Their Behavior



You can judge the depth of someone’s pain by their behavior.  It is an old adage that “hurt people hurt people.”

Over the years I’ve come to note some characteristics of people who were hurt.

  1. Hurt people are excellent at using words to cut and hurt others and they often come off as heartless.
  2. Hurt people often act out to get negative attention from others.
  3. Hurt people often attempt to self-medicate themselves with drugs, alcohol, pornography, sexual relationships, or hobbies as a way to forget their pain and run from reality.
  4. Hurt people are often self-absorbed with their own pain and are unaware that they are truly hurting other people.
  5. Hurt people often erupt with inappropriate emotion because particular words, actions, or circumstances touch/trigger past wounds.
  6. Hurt people are often frustrated and depressed because past pain continually spills over into their present consciousness.
  7. Hurt people have the emotional maturity of the age they received their hurt.
  8. Hurt people often alienate others and wonder why no one is there for them.
  9. Hurt people often portray themselves as victims.
  10. Hurt people often transfer their inner anger onto their family and friends.



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