Imagine a man so focused on God that the only reason he looked up to see you is because he heard God say, “that’s her!”

Throughout your life, the presence of God fluctuates. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, it just happens.  It is your job to keep yourself in check and to recognize the presence or absence of God in your life.  

With that being said, there is no relationship you can have that will satisfy you 100%.  The reason for that is, humans are imperfect beings.  There will be times in your relationship when your phone doesn’t ring, you have disagreements, you don’t get to spend quality time together, work or family/friends takes priority, or you spend days or months apart. There will be times in your relationship with your significant other that you feel alone, disconnected and single.  All of this is completely normal and your life shouldn’t revolve around your relationship.

You are clinging too tightly to your relationship or dreams of being in one if you constantly have thoughts such as: “If I lost this relationship, I’d be miserable and depressed,” or “If I don’t get married, life won’t be worth living.” or “Maybe I should just settle and be with the girl/guy chasing after me. Relationships don’t solve the deepest needs within your soul, and if you really believe so you will only be placing unhealthy, unrealistic expectations upon your significant other.

Your security and identity must come first and foremost from God rather than from a relationship.  If you don’t know the last time to talked to God, read His Word, or felt His presence, then you are focused on the wrong things.  God doesn’t distance Himself from you, on the other hand you distance yourself from Him.  The enemy (who shall forever remain nameless to me) is clever like that.  He will use people to distract you from growing closer to your Heavenly Father.  At the end of this life, nothing will matter but your right standing with God.  Many may thinking “I have a lot more time in my life to get things right with God.” But the reality is, no one is promised tomorrow.

Also, you may be thinking, well it’s easy for me to write about this because I am single. Actually, that isn’t true (I’m in a relationship) and my point here is not to bash relationships.  Relationships are awesome.  Having a best friend who you can also share life with is pretty great.  But you must never let that take precedence over your relationship with God.  Often times I am guilty of this and the Holy Spirit corrects me and brings it to the forefront.  It’s easy to forget that God even exists because you can’t see Him.  But He is as real as the air you and I breath.

You can be fully committed to your significant other, but your main focus in life should be on God.  The stronger your relationship is with God, the stronger your relationships with everyone around you will be.  It’s not wrong if your love story brings you a certain level of comfort or happiness.  But God must always remain your source of deepest satisfaction.  Never build your happiness and security upon your love story.  Give your relationship to God and let go of all your hopes and expectations, that way you don’t get anxious, mad or depressed when things didn’t flow exactly as you wanted them to.

My prayer is “Lord, have Your way in my love story, I surrender it to You. Please don’t let my healthy love story become an idol in my heart.

“Your heart is precious to God so guard it, and wait for the man who will treasure it.”


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