Sincerely, Don’t Give Up


Wow, April 18, 2018… I’ve lived to see another year.  Sigh, looking back over my previous year of life I am truly thankful!  I’m praying that 39 is nothing like what 38 was for me.  Test and trial, after test and trial, after test and trial is the best way to summarize it.

No one knows what life will bring their way and even worst, you won’t know if you’re built to survive the tests and trials until after you made it out alive and still in your right mind.  38 was a test of my unconditional love walk and patience.  It showed me how much I am truly not in control of my own life.  39 please be better than 38 because I plan on enjoying my last year in my thirties before I enter the next chapter of life!



Don’t Give Up!


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