God is Bigger than What the Enemy has Been Whispering in Your Ears!


God is Bigger than What the Enemy has Been Whispering in Your Ears!

Don’t allow the enemy to change what God has already spoken over your life.  We all have desires in our hearts that God has given us.  But often we allow the whispers of the enemy to distract us from God’s promises.

You may be wondering what does the enemy whispers sound like. Well, for starters, he is the father of lies according to the Bible. So the words he speak are all lies and deceit.

He also wants you to loose your faith in God, so he speaks doubt and unbelief.  You know those common words, “but”, “what if”, “God is not evening listening to you.”

Also, if the enemy had his way he would have you to believe that seeing is believing.  This is dangerous because as believers we should walk by faith and not by sight.  Your situations, trial and tribulations are not permanent as the enemy would like you to believe. Think about it, we serve the God who created the universe and there is nothing to hard for Him.  Your situations are all SUBJECT TO CHANGE!  Instead of looking at the biggness of your problems, LOOK AT THE BIGGEST OF YOUR GOD!

When the enemy whispers in your ear, remind him of his eternal destiny in Hell. Speak the Word of God over yourself and family and mediate on it day and night.

God Bless!



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