Depression Can’t Have You When Purpose is Chasing You Down!

Know Who You Are


When you are truly seeking God’s divine purpose for your life, depression can’t have you!  The God of Israel is on your side.  When purpose is chasing you down, you choose your battles wisely.  Somethings you have to ignore or overlook because they can open the door for depression to walk in.

Your life should be orchestrated by God and your plans should line up with His.  If you are running after your destiny, depression won’t be able to catch up.  You open the door to depression when you try to live out dreams that were not ordained for you.  You know, those dreams your parents or family members have for you that may not be the same dreams God placed in your heart.  Never be a slave to someone else’s imagination. Never, ever allow someone’s opinion to become your idol!

If you don’t know what you were created to do, ask God to reveal it to you.  When you walk in your purpose you become a profitable servant to Him.  God never calls us to repeat someone else’s success. “The steps of a good man are ordered by the lord“.

Also, don’t allow condemnation to keep you in bondage either.  I tell myself daily, “I AM the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus”. I am forgiven and free!

You have a complete picture of what God is doing and going to do in your life, when you know your purpose.  The pieces of the puzzle start to come together and you start to see people and things that were sent by the enemy to be distractions to your purpose.  My prayer is that God will show you your purpose so that you can line up with His predestined and predetermined purpose!

“Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him.”   PSALM 62:5 NIV


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