Night Out at the Local Theater


I enjoy going to live musicals and plays (Side note: I wrote two plays in High School… Whoop Whoop), so recently my girlfriend and I went to Pistarkle Theater to watch a live play entitled, “The Last Five Years”.  It is a musical romance story that featured a two-member cast.

The Last Five Years is a simple and touching story of a five year relationship between two young adults told entirely through music. Catherine tells her part of the story from the end of the relationship backwards to the beginning and Jamie tells his from the beginning of the relationship to the end.

Jamie is an aspiring novelist who finds fame and success at the tender age of 23. Catherine is an aspiring actress struggling to make it. They truly and deeply love each other, but sometimes love isn’t enough and their relationship suffers from the strains put on it and eventually – maybe inevitably – ends.

They each tell their stories alone and apart from one another.


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