Sorry single ladies, but married guys can NEVER just be our friends.

Dear Married Men Chasing Single Women,

I’ve had the misfortune of seeing a few marriages go down in flames lately or barely holding on for dear life. It’s seems that most of the married men that I know are unhappily married. Why is this? I don’t know and to be honest, I don’t care. Not because I am cold and heartless, but because it’s none of my business! That’s the way I deal with married men, period. I don’t want to hear your sad pathetic story of why you are unhappy in your marriage. The last time I checked it wasn’t a shot gun wedding.

I will never forget almost unknowingly falling for that thirst trap years ago. A guy I knew for a long time and once dated, kept asking me to go out to dinner with him. Finally, after talking for some time as just friends I did. After dinner we were just chatting and he moved in for the kiss and instead of locking lips, he instantaneously got the print out of the palm of my hand in his face. Call it a woman’s instinct if you want… but at that very moment I knew something about him wasn’t right. Later on, I came to find out (after having to ask him), that he got married (I’ll save the ending to that story for another post).

It’s sad to say, but from Biblical days (King David, King Solomon, Samson, etc.) women have and will continue to be the downfall for a lot of men. I get highly offended when a married man asks me out. What are we going to do… talk about your wife and kids??? CHUPZZZZZZZZZZZZ I’m not naive to believe that all married men lie and cheat. However, we live a society today where marriages are no longer esteemed and sacred vows between man and God are not honored.


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