“Mommy, You Have Two Closets Filled with New Clothes, but You Need Someone to Take You Out!”

Those were the words my teenage daughter told me the other day as I was placing some new clothes on hangers to put in my closets. THE NERVE.. Right!  Maybe because the last real date that she saw me get ready for (with a nice dress and heals, etc.) was a while back. LOL, On a serious note, I don’t need someone to take me out in order to rock my clothes.

As a matter of fact, I just recently ordered this Maxi Dress (NAVY MAXI EMBELLISHED WITH GOLD CHAINS) from my fellow blogger, none other than Mrs. Sarah Jakes-Roberts who recently launched her own clothing website (https://www.womanevolve.com/shop). Every now and again, I like to play dress up. I’m thinking about rocking this bad boy soon on an upcoming girls night out in St. John.


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