I  am under the assumption that for many guys, any ring on the third finger, left hand means to leave me alone or continue to pursue (Ayeaye Captainfull speed ahead!). I mean I get it… most romantic comedies involves a person who is currently unavailable being wooed by another person to the point of stealing them away. In the movies it seems like every female/male lead character has the ungrateful fiance/boyfriend/husband, and then is swept away by the more interesting, more relatable love interest.

Lately I’ve noticed that the men that approach me always try to open their lame conversations with, “Oh your not wearing a ring, great! That means I have a chance.” A chance??? A chance of winning the lottery or being struck by lightning? LOL… Back it up brother-man, is that the first sign a man looks for to tell if a woman is single? Listen up brothers, just because a lady isn’t wearing a big shiny rock on her finger doesn’t mean she is available or even looking.


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