Life Guarantees: Birth, Death, & EXES


It’s the Holiday’s and one guarantee you can count on is to be contacted by an ex. Yep… that random text or phone call that comes out of no where. “I miss you!”, “Can we talk?” “Do you think about me?” No one likes to be alone during the Holidays thus, one of the many reasons for that random text or phone call.

I believe that we are all reminded of our mortality during certain times of the year. Your ex may be thinking, “another year older and I’m still single”.

We’ve all gotten that text or phone call from an ex when things are going sour in their relationship and they start thinking about all the coulda’s, shoulda’s and woulda’s with you. Yep he/she seeks your attention when they are going through a breakup or they are unhappy in their current relationship.

Also amnesia has a big role to play (LOL). Your ex may forget why you all broke up in the first place. NO SERIOUSLY… they do (LOL) They tend to only remember how much better it was being with you than in their current relationship. (Sorry pal you had your chance(s) and you blew it!)

Another reason for that random contact is because we all want someone to be in our corner cheering us on when things are going good in our lives and your ex is no different. When he/she have their individual victories they too want someone to be there celebrating with them.

Here are my thoughts on exes… “You are my ex for a very good reason!” I don’t give up on people very easily and for me to have completely walked away from you is a reminder to myself that I should keep that door close. I don’t believe that you can be “Friends” with your ex. That doesn’t mean that you have to be mean, that just means that you have set clear boundaries for him/her. My mamma always told me, “Ole fire tick easy fi ketch!” LOL


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