Walking Away from a Toxic Relationship

You’ve probably been there, done that… one day you woke up and realized that the relationship you’re in has falling completely apart, turned toxic and about to grow gangrene.

Some signs of an unhealthy relationship:

  • You are their cure, but they are your disease (Hmmmm… SELAH!).
  • You want to tell her/him, “You are of your father, the devil”… LOL)
  • You are always being put down.
  • You argue/bicker constantly.
  • You are no longer a priority.
  • You know deep down that you deserve better (trust your gut instincts).
  • You make excuses for the other person’s short comings.
  • You believe that you can make them change (don’t hold your breath on that one!).
  • You cry more than you laugh.
  • You always feel alone.
  • Your constantly trying to fix the relationship.
  • You feel smothered, anxious, helpless.
  • You know there’s no long term potential.
  • You don’t trust her/him.
  • You never go on dates (courting has stopped, just like a bruk down car on the side of the highway, LOL).
  • You get more attention from strangers.
  • You keep breaking up and getting back together (on off, on off).
  • You think that being together is better than being alone (so not true!).



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