Love Disguised as an “Ungodly¬†Soul Tie

You’re probably wondering what is a Soul Tie. Like you I had never heard of it, then I was doing some research and came across the term.

Soul Ties come from entering into relationships and they can be either “Godly Soul Ties” or “Ungodly Soul Ties”.

The best way to explain it. God uses people to bless us… and guess what? The enemy who is God’s biggest counterfeiter also uses people, but instead he uses them to attack us. Thus, there can be Godly Soul Ties and Ungodly Soul Ties.

Soul Ties can occur between:

  • Marriage (Husband and Wife)
  • Parent and Child
  • Friends or Believers

One of the best person’s to explain this subject to me was Pastor Paula White. You can watch one of her messages below:


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