What if you went to bed and never woke up again? Would you be satisfied with the life you’ve lived? What are some things you would regret or wish you did or did not do?

“Stop Living Life Safe!”

I recently had a life changing movement that made me stop and think about these very same questions. As humans we don’t really realize how fragile our bodies are and that life is truly precious. So many people go to bed and never wake up again! The thought alone is scary, but that’s reality for some.

Normalcy sometimes gives us a false sense of stability. Think about these things:

  • Is your career of 15 years really stable?
  • Is your health promised or a given constant?
  • Is that degree a 100% money back guarantee for future success?
  • If you were laying in a hospital bed right now, who in your life would show up every single day until you were discharged?
  • Are you really in control of anything?

As I get ready to embark on a new year, with new unknowns I asked myself, “is playing it safe hurting me?” I had an ah ha moment and I wanted to beat on my chest with a Tarzan yell (okay maybe Wonder Woman) and declare, “From henceforth, I break the rules!” I am OVERFLOWING with dreams, desires, and an incredible big heart with the capacity to love. No more of, “the timing is not right”, “what if”, or “second guessing myself”.

The time to live is NOW!!!!!!!


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