When you first start dating someone, everything seems wonderful. You get along so well, you can’t even imagine having a fight, or dealing with tough events that can make or break a relationship. However, inevitably there will be moments that can define your relationship, and they will either bring you two closer together or pull you apart. It will be throughout these times where you will think to yourself, “I can’t wait to be with him/her for the rest of my life,” or “Looks like I’m going back to being single again.” Instead of throwing in the towel and ending the relationship, use these events to bring the two of you closer together with an unbreakable bond. I believe that true LOVE is definitely worth fighting for!

Not all issues between couples are created equally!

1. Death

The death of a family member can be devastating and can take the winds out of your sails. Allow your significant other time to process and grieve but let them know that you love and support them.

2. Big Life Events

You may not have been raised up to celebrate birthday’s, graduations, promotions, special holidays etc. Whereas, your significant other makes a big deal out of these events.

3. Living Together

You never really know someone until you live with them. You may learn something about your other significant other that you just can’t live with. (Note: I don’t believe in shacking up)

4. Joint Finances

You may be big on saving for long or short term goals, while your significant other chooses to live life just for today.

5. Having the “Talk”

Men are probably scratching their heads at this statement, but most women know exactly what I’m talking about. The talk can come off as a bad connotation. But open communication about where two people stand in a relationship is vital. No one in there right mind would board a ship that’s just drifting in the ocean without knowing, the final destination and how long it will take to get there. If knowing where you stand is going to break the two of you up, it’s probably for the best. You should not turn into a mob witness when asked about future plans together as a couple. My advice: Don’t assume you’re on the same page. Don’t assume your’re not on the same page. Leave all assumptions off the table and go into the conversation with an open mind. The good thing about having the talk is, you know where you both stand. Also, the bad thing about having the talk is, you know where you both stand. This can be eye opening because both of you may not be on the same page.

6. Unemployed

This can be a big issue especially for men who pride themselves on being the breadwinner of their household. Losing your job can rock your world because it’s an unexpected bump in the road that forces one to think quickly, make new plans and deal with the here and now.

7. Sickness

Long term sickness can take a toll on any relationship.

8. Rebellious Child(ren)

This can divide a household and cause strife. Children can be very manipulative and pull on the heartstrings of their parents. You both may not have the same ideas on how best to discipline.


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