Visible storms with lighting, thunder and strong winds are very easy to see in life. But what about the secret storms in our individual lives that others cannot see cleary because they are undetectable?

It’s easy to put on a fake smile like one puts on makeup in the morning. When we go through a secret storm we don’t find comfort from others because they don’t know the turmoil we may be going through on the inside. When we go through secret storms we often feel like God is not with us. Afterall, how can one’s life be in such chaos and God (creator of Heaven and Earth) be in the midst??? Hmmmm

However, we must remember that visibility¬†is very limited in a storm, that’s why the Word of God tells us to “walk by faith, and not by sight“. Over the years I’ve learned that God doesn’t appeal to our physical senses in a storm. This is important to remember because our senses add to our comfort, but during a storm God doesn’t make us comfortable. I’m reminded of this with Peter walking on the water. Jesus wasn’t focused on the natural elements, He told his disciples to take courage and have no fear. That was a command given by Jesus, not a suggestion. The winds and the waves didn’t die down until after Peter walked on the water and they both got back in the boat. This goes to show that Jesus wasn’t moved by things going on in the natural physical realm and he didn’t want His disciples to be moved by them either. Peter began to sink when he took his eyes off of Jesus and looked at the winds, then fear took over.

Jesus’s command still stands true for us today. God is a very present help in our times of trouble. In the times of our storms we have to learn to trust in the promises that He made to us in His Word. So I say this to you, as well as myself, “Take Courage, Have NO Fear,¬†God’s Grace is sufficient!”


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