Life can make us feel like we have reached a major crossroad. A crossroad is about change. You know you’ve reached a crossroad when you know that everything after that specific point in time would be different. This can be experienced from starting or ending a marriage, a change in careers, a child going off to college, a death in the family or challenges with your health. These events can cause a lot of anxiety. It is at these crucial junctions that we need to make important decisions about matters that might have far reaching consequences in our journey and a long-lasting effect in our lives.

In my case my crossroads came as a result of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria (both Category 5). This then lead me to another personal crossroad (which I’m still stuck at).

Often times when we come upon a crossroad it comes along with stress, because of pressure to make a decision or accept a decision already made for us. When faced with a crossroad we have to ask God for His will to be done. It is essential for us to quiet our mind, be willing to go within and let go of our mental grip on the situation.

It’s easy to try and resist or attempt to control change, or to even allow fear to set in wherein we don’t make a decision at all. However, instead of resisting, allow crossroads to launch you into thinking bigger and believing for better.


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