Feeling So Happy Today :)


Letting my light shine.

Boy oh Boy, today was a great day!

Feeling So Happy Today 🙂

You ever had such a great day that you wanted to shout it from the mountain top? Well, that’s me today!

Everyone that I spoke to today, their energy was so upbeat and genuinely vibrant. I was already in a good mood when I woke up this morning, so I just kept it going. I smiled and almost laughed my cheeks off too.

On top of that I had a very production day. I started using this app called “Wunderlist”.

I wished I had found it sooner. I have so many reports to complete and meetings to attend throughout the day and this app helps me keep track of it all. I can even set reminders with a specific date and time. It’s also good for nonwork reminders, like grocery lists, to do lists, etc. Talk about time saver! I also use it to keeps notes for my blog.

I also received some good news from my boss that ended my work day on a great note.

After work I completed my workout in 35 minutes (normally takes me 50 min). Was even able to see the sun set. The time I saved I was able to go to the store to grab a few items that I needed. On top of that I was able to bless a friend who recently had surgery with dinner from one of her favorite restaurants.

I hope your having or had a great day too… Thanks for stopping by… Blessings!


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