My Essence


I decided a long time ago that I was going to hold on to my essence. I almost let my insecurities and fears strip me of my authenticity. I thought I just wanted to have something normal. Then one day I woke up and knew that I’d spent too long trying to fix my past and that I didn’t cherish my present. That’s when I decided to embrace that I couldn’t change what happened, but I could be empowered to make sure that the pain and fear I felt wouldn’t happen to me or anyone else again…

Be your own kind of special. No one on this Earth can compete with you when it comes to being you. Stop asking for permission to be different. The only box you fit in is the one that exists within your own mind. Stretch yourself, find your rhythm, and leave your mark on this world. Don’t waste another second trying to be normal.

Thanks for stopping by… Blessings!


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