Love Didn’t Hurt You


Love didn’t hurt you… a hurt person whom you love did. Love is one of the most beautiful feelings we can experience , but when relationships end, people lie, cheat, or leave … whatever happens  we get hurt and then we blame love.

When you love people, whether your family, friends, guys, whomever, you have to love them unconditionally, flaws included.

Here’s my advice, love has never failed you and it won’t fail you. There should be no reason to swear to stay away from it . There are so many people that love us in the wrong ways, who will remind us of the pain that we endured, who create hatred in our hearts . Do not let someone poison your soul, do not give the heart breaker the gratitude of dimming your shine. Love never hurts you but the absence of it will . NEVER stop believing in love!


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