Some good traits a man should possess:

1. Protector: A man should cover his family and keep them from harm or danger.

2. Provider: He should be the head of his household and take pride in making sure all their needs are met.

3. Appreciative: He gives honor where honor is due and is not to proud to say thank you.

4. Loving: Expressing love openly is important. This requires a man to be vulnerable despite the fear of rejection.

5. Dependable: He makes commitments and follows through.

6. Sense of Humor: Life is stressful, a man that can use humor is attractive and highly sought after.

7. Forgiving: Forgiveness is such a key component to a healthy relationship, because, let’s face it, people are not perfect. Each and every one of us is hurt, defended, flawed and inevitably going to make mistakes. Don’t hold a grudge or harbor resentment.



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