Blogging Fearlessly


As a self-proclaim blogger of 7 years, I experience everyday life like everyone else. I work full time, have mommy duties, pay bills, experience tragedy, and the other things that come with this thing called ‘life.’ I go through the ups and downs and experience fears and triumphs, particularly moments of insecurity and confidence. However, blogging is a powerful tool for me because I get to unleash the nonvocal side of me.

Blogging is more than just writing, for it’s a joyful never ending journey. No matter the content, I try to pour myself out in an attempt to communicate, engage and connect.

How Blogging Fearlessly Has Helped Me…

Self Confidence

Blogging has, in a matter of speaking, curated my belief in myself. Thus increasing my self confidence. From some of my posts, one may believe that I am very vocal. I like to thing that I’m the complete opposite. I tend to bottle things up inside and internalize situations and problems. I’m what I call, “a self fixer”. I generally don’t like people making a big fuss over me. Blogging has helped me to find my vocal voice through writing.

Sharing is Empowering

I’ve learned to share the essence of who I am with people I have never met. Let me tell you, that takes great courage, particularly for an introvert like myself. I use to think about all my quirks and perspectives that may offend or scare others reading.

Reminder that Life is Beautiful

Blogging has helped me to grow spiritually also. During tough times, blogging reminded me that life can be hard at times, but it is also beautiful. I enjoy going back and reading old posts from time to time.

Reminder that I don’t have to be Perfect

In a world where we are overwhelmed with images of perfect people, living perfect lives, it’s easy to believe the hype that the only person going through difficult and lonely times is you. Even if I had a crappy week or day, I’ve learned to be thankful and derive joy from the little things in life.  I don’t get hung up on mistakes I made writing or on how much I detested a previous post I had written a year ago. I’ve learned to let go and to be fearlessly authentic!


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