Just Let Love Surprise You


Being a hopeless romantic… I feel like this blog post is preaching to myself.

In the past I have spent a long time absorbed in fantasies about meeting “the one.” Ladies we have all done it, daydreaming about our prince charming who will fit into our perfect little box we created. Someone who would come in and sweep us off our feet.

It’s so easy to get caught up in images of what he would look like, or act like. He may be in your life already and you don’t even have a clue because you are so busy living inside your head.

Marriage is forever (or at least it should be). Daydreams are all well and good. Romance novels are fun to read on a day off. Expectations are good to have. But the real thing, when it really hits us, surpasses the fantasy that we’ve created for ourselves.

There is no such thing as a perfect prince charming. No one is perfect and besides God, there is no human being that can meet our perfect needs and wants. We all have flaws, some more hidden than others.

For me my prince charming was this perfect saved (Christian) man who’s holy and takes charge. LOL, I’m sure men like this do exist.

I was once that girl who after years of being with my boyfriend pressured him to take our relationship to the next level. Something I would never do again… not worth it! I’ve learned my worth and I know that I am far more valuable than rubies and diamonds. If the man that I love couldn’t see that, then that’s his lost.

I was also that girl who almost married the wrong one because I was settling. I even had my wedding dress and he went and got the wedding license application. Boy… did I dodge that bullet! In my heart I knew I was going to be marrying him for the wrong selfish reasons.

We should just let love happen as it may. No unrealistic timelines, deadlines or shot gun relationships. If someone is in your life and they really care and love you, they will see your worth and know that you’re the one.

We should never pressure anyone into making life time commitments unless they are truly ready. Does this mean that you have to be unhappy and wait 8 years on someone? Absolutely not, relationships are based on (2) people giving and taking, one person shouldn’t be a tyrant.

My advice… Follow your heart but remember to take your brain with you!


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