My Decision to Not Have Anymore Kids Out of Wedlock



don’t desire to have any more kids out of wedlock. I understand that most people including myself didn’t plan on being a single parent, sometimes life just happens. As a single parent to my 15 year old daughter… I’ve seen the negative effects of her not being raised in a household with her father and myself.

I always find myself telling her that the one thing I wish I could give her was a loving father. For little girls that is a real void that cannot be filled by a mother.

My father passed away unexpectedly when I was only 10 years old. I often wonder how my life would have differ if he was still alive. Having a child is one of the biggest decisions anyone can make. Ultimately for me, I have chosen to not have any more children out of wedlock. I’ve seen firsthand the negative effects it has had on my daughter. Children deserve to be raise by (2) loving parents.



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