Some Things that Make Me Happy :)


I think I’m finally understanding the importance of the little things in life.

The pieces of happiness can be so ordinary!

The Little Things in Life

Yeah I know it may sound cliche. But the little things in life truly make me happy. I’m not a girly type of girl, so I don’t get excited to go shopping at the mall for hours or spending my entire Saturday at the salon getting the latest bundle of hair sown to my scalp. I would rather spend that time going for a drive and taking in the views, family barbecues, relaxing on the beach, bike riding, or going for a walk with the dog while eating some ice cream. I’m not big on name brand clothing, shoes etc., I buy things because I like them… simple! I’m that girl that gets happy for unexpected flowers and a nice card that was written from the heart. I rather spend time with my significant other curled up together watching a movie rather than trying to be in the spotlight. 


There is something special about a hug that is hard to explain, yet easy to understand. Hugs give off a warm, friendly vibe and brighten my day. A hug can brighten up my day and easily puts a smile on my face. Plus, apparently hugging is good for the heart, so I guess if you’re looking to be healthier but are too lazy to exercise, this seems like an equally efficient substitute… (lol) So when in doubt just give me a hug.


I am big on family and they are the closet people in my life. I don’t let a lot of people in my circle (I’ll save that for another conversation) but when I do, even if we aren’t related by blood I consider you as family. My father died suddenly of massive heart attack when I was only 10 years old and I’ve learned to treasure the family that I have. I have a large family on both my mother and father side. At the end of the day my family makes me happy because we are there for each other in both good and bad times.

My Bed

At the end of the day, what is always there to welcome you regardless of how good or bad your day went? Your bed. Honestly, my bed is my comfort zone and safe haven all at the same time. Seriously rare to find an inanimate object with these qualities — definitely a keeper.


Growing up on an island one may have the tendency to ignore or take for granted the beauty of the islands. However, when ever I feel overwhelmed or tired I like to go to one of my favorite spots on island and just take in the views of nature. One of my spots overlooks the Caribbean Sea with fresh cool breezes. I can literally spend hours there. Another favorite spot for me is an empty beach. I enjoy laying on the sand watching the clouds go by or floating in the water and thanking God for his creation.

Being in Love

I am my best when I’m in love. Not so much because I am receiving love, but because I get to give my love to someone else. Surprisingly, I don’t fall in love very easy and the older I get, the more I realize that I don’t say “I LOVE you” unless I genuinely mean it. My last relationship was over (2) years ago and I never once had the desire to tell my boyfriend at the time that I loved him. I sincerely cared about him and we were and are still friends, but I didn’t love him. We spent countless hours together but I never felt a spiritual connection with him and so eventually I ended the relationship. My best friend always tells me that I am the biggest believer in love and that I’m a hopeless romantic. I could have just gotten my heart broken yesterday and the next day I’m ready to dry my tears and look forward to one day being in love. I feel like I was created to give and receive love.

Those are just a few of the things that make me happy. Thanks for stopping by!



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