All I can think is WOW, as I reflect back on a recent experience that I know God hand selected just for me and...


I Was Counting On Me

I was counting on me. Sigh... I was a single mother with one child and determined to figure out this thing called life. I...

Thank You

As the year is coming to an end I would love to thank everyone who takes time out of their busy day to read...

Question and Answer Time



Silencing the Silence

In the realm of love where harmony should reside,There lies a challenge, deep and hard to hide.For within the confines of this relationship's space,Lies a struggle, a hurdle, a silent embrace. Words left unspoken, like whispers in the wind,A distance...


Words Dear Beloved, In the depths of my heart, I pour out my words, The ink dances on this empty page, like a flock of birds. A letter filled with love, written with devotion and care, To express the feelings that my soul cannot...

TIME is not an Apology

Don't be fooled, time away from someone is not an apology, especially when they refuse to communicate with someone who is willing to communicate. This is called "stonewalling" or "silent treatment". The silent treatment is a way to try...

When A Man Prays for His Beloved

Prayer aligns our life with God’s and creates a dependency on Him for our daily needs, our security, and our direction for life. Prayer can have a powerful impact on your relationship and helps to make your relationship God-centered.  Men,...

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With Myself, Not By Myself

Often times I've said that I was by myself and alone. However as a Spiritual being, even when I'm alone, I am with myself.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

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